A Custom Wood Trundle Bed Will Provide Additional Sleeping Space

A trundle bed contains two frame units. The main frame will conceal another frame underneath it. The secondary frame can be rolled outward when additional sleeping space is needed. During the day, the secondary frame can be stored underneath the main frame. 

Custom Wood Trundle Beds

If you do not have an adequate area for your guests to sleep, the addition of a trundle bed may have come to mind. A trundle bed will mimic the look of a standard bed when the additional bedding unit is not being used. It will provide you with a convenient way to accommodate an overnight guest, without permanently limiting the floorspace you have access to in your bedroom.

A custom wood trundle bed may be handcrafted or machine-made. A furniture supplier who sells custom pieces will fill furniture orders that contain bedroom pieces that are constructed of a distinct type of wood and that possess specific dimensions. The height of a trundle bed and the caster wheel assembly that is used to design a custom piece can be designed according to a consumer's preferences.

Wood Products, Trim, And Accents

Maple, oak, cherry, and elm are some hardwood varieties that will feature unique markings and grain patterns. Wood products that are used to construct trundle beds may contain smooth angular edges or rigid edges. A criss-cross pattern or stacked beam design can be used to construct the headboard or sides of a trundle bed. Bedding trim pieces can be used to make a custom product more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

A custom furniture designer may offer a variety of paint and stain products that can be used to protect and enhance wood furnishings. A consumer may be able to color match a product to some other items that they already own. For example, if a consumer owns a dresser and nightstand set that is constructed of a quality wood product, the individual may prefer to own a trundle bed that will contain many of the same features as the other furnishings.

A custom designer may request that a consumer takes a picture of the original wood furnishings. They will view the picture, to help them conceptualize how they will construct a trundle bed that will correspond with the original furnishings. If a consumer is going to completely upgrade their bedroom, they can order a custom dresser, vanity, bed, mirror, and other furnishings from a furniture dealer who sells unique pieces.

To learn more, contact a custom wood bedroom furniture supplier in your area.