3 Reasons Why Office Furniture Liquidations Happen

If you seek office furniture for your small business or home, you have no reason to seek out retail options. Office furniture liquidators offer high-quality office furniture at cheaper prices. You can afford more elegant options and save money on your purchases. When you shop for liquidated office furniture, you may wonder why the liquidations occur.

Learn some of the common reasons office furniture gets liquidated and how the process can help you save a lot of money on premium office equipment.

1. Businesses Close

Businesses open and close on a daily basis. When a business does close, the office furniture often gets left behind. Building owners will then use liquidation companies to pick up the furniture and sell it at cheaper prices. Each piece of furniture goes through an inspection process to ensure the furniture is in good condition.

When a business closes, a whole office full of furniture can include dozens and dozens of pieces. The bulk collections give the liquidators more chances to discount prices and offer cheaper options.

2. Business Leases End

Even if a business does not close, its lease could end on a building and the business may move to a new location. The cost of moving furniture from location to location could end up costing more than just purchasing new furniture. This is where a liquidator comes in. A liquidator will purchase the office furniture at a minimal price and move all of the pieces into their warehouse.

This process happens all the time and results in a lot of available furniture for sale. If you plan to open an office, then you could purchase a complete office set so all of the furniture matches and creates a similar look across the whole office.

3. Furniture Upgrades & Surplus

Some offices may decide to upgrade their furniture to new pieces. With furniture upgrades, they will likely have a surplus of extra furniture. Instead of filling up storage areas with extra options, business owners will sell off the extra furniture to liquidation companies. Furniture includes desks, chairs, and filing cabinets.

For example, a company meeting room may have a table too small to handle the current number of employees. When they upgrade to a larger meeting table, a liquidation company will buy the smaller table and sell it. You can take advantage of those sales and purchase the pieces at much cheaper prices than retail.

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