Why You May Want A Two-Tier Coffee Table

Most coffee tables that you'll find for sale at local furniture stores have one top surface, which is a design that can work well for a lot of people. If you browse more products when you shop, however, you'll often find some two-tier coffee tables. This term describes a table in which the top surface is divided into two separate pieces, with one positioned slightly higher than the other. Visually, a two-tier coffee table can be a unique and stylish addition to your living room. There are several functional reasons that this design can be appealing, too. Here's why you may want a two-tier coffee table.

Suitable For Young Kids

Children use coffee tables in a number of different ways. If you have young kids, you may find that the two-tier design is a good choice for them. For example, a lot of children will sit down at the coffee table to play with toys or work on crafts. Some coffee tables are too tall for small children, but this won't be the case with a two-tier design. A small child will be able to comfortably reach the lower tier of this table, while their older sibling can work at the upper tier.

Less-Cluttered Appearance

Families have a habit of covering the tops of their coffee tables with a variety of things. You might have newspapers, magazines, remote controls, and a tablet that reside on this piece of furniture, for example. If you don't like the look of cluttered spaces, you may find that a traditional coffee table's cluttered top doesn't resonate with you. A two-tier coffee table will often look less cluttered because there's a gap between the two surfaces. You can place a few things on one surface and a few things on the other surfaces without the same cluttered look.

Good As A Footrest

A lot of people use their coffee table as a footrest, and a two-tier design can work well for this application. You might find that the top of a standard coffee table is too high to comfortably rest your feet on, as this could cause your legs to sit at an uncomfortable angle. In this case, you could use the lower tier, which may be more comfortable for your legs. With people of different heights in your family, each person can find a tier that works for them. Look for two-tier coffee tables at a furniture store.