Wall Decor Ideas For A Dog Lover

If your family has a dog, there's a good chance that you have a number of dog-related products in your home. You might sip your morning coffee from a mug that depicts a dog and your children may have stuffed animals that are a fairly close resemblance to your own dog. One other thing that you may wish to think about adding to your home is a piece of wall decor that relates to this animal. You can find all sorts of dog-themed wall decor pieces for sale online, giving you lots of options for things that will suit the overall style of your home. Here are three decor ideas that may appeal to you.

Dog Quote

There are lots of dog-themed wall pieces that feature a quote about dogs. You'll likely see pieces with famous quotes that you recognize, as well as sentiments that you may feel relate to your home. For example, a quote that reads, "This Is A Dog Home" or something similar can be a good fit in a home in which the entire family favors dogs over any other type of animal. Some quotes are framed, while others feature large metal or wooden words that are connected together and create a bold look.

Dog Footprints

When you think of a symbol that encompasses a dog, there's probably nothing that comes to mind quicker than the shape of a dog footprint. There are many different wall decor pieces that feature this recognizable shape. For example, you might like a series of footprint-shaped decals that you can place in a specific pattern on the wall. Or, you might like an ornate piece of barn board that has a dog footprint painted or etched on it.

Dog Art

Another popular type of wall decor that you may wish to consider is a piece of artwork that features one or more dogs. If you have a specific breed of dog that is your favorite, you might shop for a framed print or photograph that depicts this type of dog. One popular art type is a silhouette of a dog's head or entire body — typically printed in black ink on a white background, although other color combinations may be available. You can decide whether you want a piece of art that depicts your favorite dog breed as a puppy or as a grown dog. Shop online for one of these pieces of dog-themed wall decor. 

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