Transform A Worn Couch Into A Cherished Furnishing

If your favorite couch shows signs of wear, you may have decided to seek a reupholstery service. A restoration service will transform your old couch into one that is attractive and comfortable.

The Inspection

Any time that a piece of furniture is going to be restored, it is a good idea to have the item inspected. The inspection process will determine if the furnishing is damaged. It will also provide the reupholstery inspector with some details about the fabric style that was originally used to upholster the furnishing. This information will allow the upholsterer to provide a baseline cost for the restoration process. 

The Disassembly Process

An upholsterer will disassemble your couch first. This process can take a while to complete, due to it needing to be conducted in a precise manner. The arms, legs, and back of the couch will be removed. The service provider will carefully remove fabric from each detached piece. When furniture is initially upholstered, the fabric is tacked to the frame of the furnishing.

The service provider will use stitch rippers and other hand tools to remove staples from the fabric. Each piece of fabric will be tagged. The original pieces of fabric will be closely inspected.

If there are any darts or pleats in the fabric, the details will be noted. The upholsterer will use the original pieces of fabric as stencils. The new fabric will be cut and sewn exactly as the original pieces of fabric were. Distinct details, such as darts and pleats, will be added to each new piece of fabric that has been cut out.

Additional Restoration Processes

The service provider will remove the foam batting and cushions from the frame of the couch. They will ask you about the type of cushioning that you would like installed. You can select new cushioning that is similar to the original cushioning. You also have the option of selecting a firmer or softer cushion type.

The service provider will take note of your request. Then, they will get to work on cleaning the parts of the couch. Once the couch frame and loose pieces are clean and dry, the cushions will be reattached to the frame.

The final steps will require the service provider to reassemble the couch. The new upholstery will be secured last. The fabric pieces will need to be pulled snugly over the couch. A staple gun will be used to secure the fabric pieces to the couch. 

For more information about upholstery restoration, contact a local company.