3 Luxury Stool Features Ideal For Home Bars

If you want to add a relaxing and elegant entertaining area to your home, then consider a home bar. Along with luxury bar furnishings, you can complete the area of your home with the use of luxury stools. A luxury bar stool has a lot more features than just a flat top with tall legs. The next time you shop at a luxury furniture retail store, you can find a wide range of bar stools. The stool designs will come with elegant features that can enhance the look of your home bar and provide you with a lot of comforts as well.

1. Swivel Stools

Many basic bar stools include a solid seat. Enjoy more movement and options with a bar stool that includes a swivel seat. A swivel seat allows a person to easily rotate and turn to someone else for conversation. The swivel stool also makes it easy to get off of the bar stool without the need to drag it across the floor.

Some swivel stools can rotate a full 360 degrees while others may rotate and then automatically spin back into place. The auto-return action will help keep the look of the stools organized.

2. Premium Materials

The bar stools you shop for may contain high-end premium materials for design and comfort. For example, you could purchase a bar stool with leather material attached to the whole seat. Look for bar stools with built-in cushions as well. If you seek something a little softer than leather, then consider a material like an upholstered linen blend.

When you shop for luxury furniture in person, you can get a better feel for how soft and comfortable the material feels. You can also select material colors that match the look of the bar itself.

3. Backrests

Instead of just a flat bar stool, consider stools with backrests built in. The backrests will provide you with more comfort, especially if you sit at the bar for long periods of time. Some of the stools with backrests will also include armrests to extend their level of comfort. High-quality solid wood provides a strong and durable backrest, but you can also find metal designs as well. A cushioned backrest provides more comfort and will look more elegant in your home bar area.

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