Less May Be More — 5 Reasons To Right-Size Bedroom Furniture

What is the right amount of furniture in your bedroom? Right-sizing your furnishings to the space in question makes everything look great, feel comfortable, and be effective. But the right amount of furniture in the bedroom may not be as many pieces as you think. Why? Here are five great reasons fewer may be better. 

1. The Bed Is the Star. It's not called the bedroom for nothing. The bed should be the star of the show — in terms of comfort, as a focal point, and when it comes to cost. When you focus on the right bed and its placement, you may not want or need as many accessories around it. 

2. You Need to Navigate. Don't underestimate the value of being able to comfortably move around your bedroom. Squeezing too many furnishings means less available floor space for navigation, especially if it's often used by more than one person at a time. Be wary of adding furniture that creates unnecessary obstacles in straight paths or impinges on each other. 

3. Daytime Use Varies. How do you really use your bedroom? While some people may spend many daytime hours in theirs, others only use it for sleeping, dressing, and grooming. Both types of usage are legitimate, but they call for different approaches to furniture. A heavy daytime user may want a desk, reading nook, or even a small conversation area. But a light daytime user would benefit more from just a dedicated grooming station. 

4. You Want It Low Maintenance. Fewer items means less work to maintain the beauty and orderliness of the room. When furnishings are focused and minimalist, you have less to clean, vacuuming and dusting are easier, and you'll store fewer things in this space. Simple order can greatly increase your relaxation and enjoyment of the room. 

5. Storage Needs Have Changed. Homes continue to evolve over time. The type of storage furniture needed in a bedroom is different today than it was in earlier years. You might not want to buy a large chest of drawers, for instance, if you tend to hang everything or rotate seasonal wardrobes. In these cases, perhaps a smaller dresser with a beautiful armoire would work better in less space. Buy storage with yourself in mind. 

Where Should You Start?

Learn more about right-sizing your bedroom furniture by touring the inventory at a bedroom retailer in your area. As you look at furniture with a view to getting what you need and skipping what isn't relevant to you, you'll soon have the ideal combination of pieces to fit your life. For more information on bedroom furniture, contact a professional near you.